Our Story

a third generation venture

In Griffith, NSW, the skills and knowledge were passed down Cousins Vito, Anthony, and Leonard Mancini They took the initiative and founded Redbelly Citrus in 2006. Redbelly Citrus stands as the sole dedicated grower of blood oranges, carefully refining their orchards and farming practices to cultivate the most intensely "bloody" blood oranges.

The reputation of Redbelly blood oranges and blood orange juice precedes them, and both domestic and international buyers seek out these products when only the finest blood oranges will suffice.




Redbelly has established state-of-the-art, high-density orchards that are renowned as the largest blood orange plantations in the southern hemisphere.

Leonard Mancini, Vito Mancini

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, their orchards and pack house ensure that consumers receive the highest quality blood oranges in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. These technologies include orchard temperature regulation and the latest machinery for grading and packing.


The roots of Redbelly Citrus trace back to the grandparents, Vito Leonardo and Domenica Mancini, who, along with Giuseppe and Lucia Barbagallo, immigrated from Italy and established citrus farms in Griffith, Australia.

the farms

Our orchards in the Riverina region of South Eastern Australia were established in 2005 and continue to mature and increase in production.
We have invested in the latest in agricultural technologies and planting techniques to ensure that we can deliver a quality product to you in the quantities that you need. With over over 32,000 trees planted to date, which if planted conventionally would occupy a space of 300 acres, we are well placed to meet your current and future blood orange needs.