Redbelly Citrus can supply a range of blood orange products including:

Fresh Blood Oranges

Redbelly Citrus offers the following blood orange varieties as fresh fruit:

Straight Pick - Unwaxed and Untreated
Available for juicing or packing by 3rd parties.

8-10kg Packed Boxes - Class 1 and Class 2


 Wholesale Bins - Class 2 + Juice Grade
Only available for our domestic customers Redbelly Citrus can provide 120kg and 360kg cardboard bins of class 2 and juice grade fruit. Class 1’s can also be made available by special order.  These bins are usually available from our Wholesale stockists.

 Redbelly Blood Orange Juice
Redbelly Citrus can supply 190L frozen single strength pastuerised blood orange juice in single drums when available and by order in larger amounts. Juice must be ordered by August in every of year to ensure production is set aside for juicing by our juicing partner.

 Important Information:
Brix Levels: 10-12 (average of 11 brix).
Anthocyanin levels – minimum 115mg/L (ranges from 115mg/L to 135mg/L)*
pH: 3.25


*Anthocyanins calculated as concentration (mg/L) of cyanidin-3-glucoside chloride at 530nm.

Preferred sizes:
190L frozen in 200L metal drums.

Other sizes: 1000L scholles and bladders (hot filled) also available


 Redbelly Blood Orange Concentrate
Redbelly Citrus can also produce blood orange concentrate for use in industry and by juice companies in Australia and Overseas.

48Brix/400mg/L anthocyanins
200L/244kg in plastic lined steel drums

 See further information in this product information sheet

Must be ordered by August at latest to ensure supply and availability of concentration facilities at our juicing partner.

Concentrate and Reconstituted Juice