Exporter Information

Redbelly Citrus is the leading supplier of blood oranges in Australia. With vast expanses of orchards dedicated to blood orange cultivation, we take pride in delivering the highest quality produce to our customers.

Climatically, the orchards match the climate of Catania, Sicily (yellow zone). This allows us to achieve true-to-type varietal expression, ensuring that our blood oranges possess the distinctive flavors and characteristics that make them so sought after.

To safeguard our crops, we have implemented the latest frost protection systems, guaranteeing the consistent growth and health of our blood oranges. Additionally, we have invested in state-of-the-art optical and robotic grading and packing systems, which enable us to handle our produce with utmost precision and efficiency.

Our commitment to providing superior blood oranges extends beyond Australian borders. We are proud to hold export registrations for a wide range of countries, including China, Korea, USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, UAE, and many others. This allows us to share the taste and quality of our blood oranges with consumers around the globe.

At Redbelly, we prioritise the safety and sustainability of our operations. We are Freshcare and Global Gap compliant, adhering to rigorous standards that ensure responsible farming practices, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of our workers.